koRpus: An R Package for Text Analysis

A set of tools to analyze texts. Includes, amongst others, functions for automatic language detection, hyphenation, several indices of lexical diversity (e.g., type token ratio, HD-D/vocd-D, MTLD) and readability (e.g., Flesch, SMOG, LIX, Dale-Chall). Basic import functions for language corpora are also provided, to enable frequency analyses (supports Celex and Leipzig Corpora Collection file formats) and measures like tf-idf. Note: For full functionality a local installation of TreeTagger is recommended. It is also recommended to not load this package directly, but by loading one of the available language support packages from the 'l10n' repository https://undocumeantit.github.io/repos/l10n>. 'koRpus' also includes a plugin for the R GUI and IDE RKWard, providing graphical dialogs for its basic features. The respective R package 'rkward' cannot be installed directly from a repository, as it is a part of RKWard. To make full use of this feature, please install RKWard from https://rkward.kde.org> (plugins are detected automatically). Due to some restrictions on CRAN, the full package sources are only available from the project homepage. To ask for help, report bugs, request features, or discuss the development of the package, please subscribe to the koRpus-dev mailing list (< http://korpusml.reaktanz.de >).

Version: 0.12-1
Depends: R (>= 3.0.0),sylly (>= 0.1-4)
Imports: data.table,methods
Suggests: testthat,tm,SnowballC,shiny,knitr,rmarkdown,koRpus.lang.de,koRpus.lang.en,koRpus.lang.es,koRpus.lang.fr,koRpus.lang.it,koRpus.lang.ru
Enhances: rkward
Additional repositories: https://undocumeantit.github.io/repos/l10n
Published: 2019-05-13
Author: Meik Michalke [aut, cre], Earl Brown [ctb], Alberto Mirisola [ctb], Alexandre Brulet [ctb], Laura Hauser [ctb]
Maintainer: Meik Michalke <meik.michalke at hhu.de>
BugReports: https://github.com/unDocUMeantIt/koRpus/issues
License: GPL (>= 3)
URL: https://reaktanz.de/?c=hacking&s=koRpus
NeedsCompilation: no
Citation: koRpus citation info


Package source: koRpus_0.12-1.tar.gz
MacOS X binaries: R 3.6: koRpus_0.12-1.tgz, R 3.5: koRpus_0.12-1.tgz, R 3.4: koRpus_0.12-1.tgz
Windows binaries: R 3.6: koRpus_0.12-1.zip, R 3.5: koRpus_0.12-1.zip, R 3.4: koRpus_0.12-1.zip
Debain binary package: Learn how to install Debian packages from this repository
Reference manual: koRpus.pdf
Vignettes: Using the koRpus Package for Text Analysis
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